PU automotive bumper inserts

Published -15th Dec 2021

Built into bumper assemblies that aph make for driverless passenger vehicles used at heathrow.

The rim/pu moulding facility at AP Hollings has been used to produce a variety of components for customers, requiring injection tool quality parts, without the high tooling cost.

Rim tooling is low cost and the main considerations when moulding polyurethane although a cold injection process, is the venting and clamping to withstand some intool expansion loads, at the reaction of the two part mix of basically polyol and polyisocyanate.

The clam tool was constructed in 15mm aluminium plate heaviliy bolted joints, with substantial hinges and heavy load capable toggle clamps fitted to the perimeter.
Taper was added to each face, to ensure that the pu foam block, measuring 1.2 m x0.4m x 0.4m could be blown out of tool.

The finished component was to be machined to specific shape from the pu block in our shop to achieve a clean skinless foam core with known impact capability.

These finished foam part were adhesive bonded behind vac formed bumper and clamped as the inteface between a chassis metal pressing. As tier on supplier we have these to build on a frequent repeat order.