CAD CAM Tooling & Pattern Making

CAD/CAM,Tooling & 3D Scanning


  • CNC machined component parts in metal, plastic & foam
  • Master models
  • Architectural models
  • Foundry patterns
  • Patterns for composite work
  • Vacuum form tooling
  • SRIM tooling
  • RIM tooling
  • Polyurethane tooling
  • Trimming Fixtures
  • Assembly Aids
  • Checking Fixures
  • Master Patterns for GRP manufacture

Full CAD Modelling And Surface Generation

Full in-house CAD modelling and surface generation capability, using the latest release of Siemens NX and Dassault’s Catia V5. We can accept most common data translation files such as step and iges along with native NX and Catia formats. We can develop from concept part sketches or scanned data into 3D models, then to prototype through to tooling, fixtures, and jigs.

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3D Scanning

This system allows us to digitally acquire just about any physical item, large or small. The scanners are entirely portable so can be taken to the subject if necessary.

Capturing 1.3million points per scan, the data produced is highly suited to engineering applications such as reverse engineering as well as less technical uses such as animation, cultural heritage archiving, 3D medical libraries and visualisation work.

The resulting data is accurate to within 0,2mm. The scanners use optical structured light techniques, which are usually superior to laser scanners for edge detail and there is no size limit for the subject.