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How best to reduce the assembly or manufacturing time of a product, is crucial to improving its quality and profitability. The correct design of special purpose jigs and fixtures is an integral part of the development cycle.

Our in-house CAD Designers can demonstrate all functionality requirements of the proposed jig or fixture to suit a client’s product. In this way the design can be reviewed before any material is cut, ensuring that the delivered product meets the client’s expectations.

All Jigs and fixtures are designed utilising the Japanese derived ‘poka yoke’ method. Although developed for the automotive industry, this philosophy has been adopted by most other branches of engineering for tooling and fixtures

Manufactured to customer specifications

Manufactured to customer specifications for trimming, machining assembly and inspection

  • Checking fixtures
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Router fixtures
  • Bonding fixtures
  • Water jet cutting fixtures
  • Drilling fixtures