Bespoke GRP Foyer Desk

Craftsmanship & Design


Our craftsmanship knowledge allows us to combine traditional skills along with technology to create from customer media, a few examples are:

  • Models for surface verification
  • Datum models
  • Concepts and Master show models to demonstrate design & engineering
  • Materials technology and fit & function


Craftsmanship does not exclusively mean Automotive, in fact everything undertaken by APH3G has this element intuitively given by our time served Artisans. We believe that a passion for what we do, is perhaps the reason why our customers keep coming back to get a product, at the right price, the best quality, the quickest lead time, but with no compromise in the crafted end result.

Modern computer aided design and construction techniques can manufacture precision components and streamline production, but the immaculate detail and finish of models and patterns can only be achieved by skill and dedication.

This human factor, and its influence on the finished product cannot be replicated by a machine, which might be able to sand and polish a given number of times, but will never be able to tell when the end result is right. Nor can a machine pay close attention to detail; it takes a person to do that. A person who takes a pride in their workmanship, the ability of their own two hands to create a look and a finish of real quality.

Pride In Our Reputation

The essence of craftsmanship in the modern technological world goes beyond the working of the artisan’s hands and the accuracy of his eye. The design engineer can be a craftsman with his computer to produce imaginative and original designs and specifications based on innovative new materials. And of course our artisans themselves, who form and polish the woods, metals, and composites of models, patterns or parts that produce the stunning work that is synonymous with APH3G.

APH3G have craftsmen in every department, who over decades have taken great pride in their work, our commitment to excellence of a product has always been mirrored by its policy of attracting and recruiting the most talented staff at all levels.

Exceeding Expectations

Our customers expect and demand the best in craftsmanship. Our mission has always been to meet and exceed their expectations. Craftsmanship is defined as the “perception of quality by a customer based on sensory interaction and emotional impact.” Even the click of a switch or hum of the seat motor can influence the way a driver feels about their vehicle, equipment or even a moulded part.