CNC Machining

Published -10th Jul 2015

Made to architects design and CAD file the large desk approximately 3,5m long and 0.9m high the desk was three sided, with a longer front face a end side returns. From desk top to lower recessed plinth the sides tapered inwards. The first stage of manufacture was to machine on our largest CNC machining centre a male pattern. After setting the pattern onto a supporting framework, it was hand worked further with fine grit papers to achieve a superior finish prior to painting with a couple of coats of surface primer and polished. Once cleaned a releasing agent was applied to the pattern and was ready to lay up a GRP female master tool. This tool was going to take the fine smooth finish from the male pattern, to ensure that the exterior of desk on male moulding was perfect.

The female GRP tool was released and inspected, the tool was ready to lay up the desk. Releasing agent was applied and white gelcoat laid in first as this was going to be the face of the desk, successive layers of glass matting and GRP resin were done to a thickness of 6mm. Once the desk was released from tool, sections of MDF were laid up on the inside faces to reinforce the horizontal and vertical faces, these would not be visible on the installed desk, because the GRP moulding was a facing to a hardwood cabinet.